Cut-throat Clare

Cut-throat Clare
by cricketjeff on September 10, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Cut-throat Clare is as bad as they get
She’ll shoot a man show no regret
She hoists her flag, she’s a pirate Queen
There’s nothing she fears in the world, marine.

A Spanish galleon sailing East
That means gold, or silver at least
Run up the mainsails, prime every gun
Sharpen those cutlasses, time for fun

Cut-throat Clare has the Spanish crew
A sorry looking lot to put on view
The old and the ugly she’ll set afloat
With a few supplies, and an open boat

Any handsome man she’ll keep on board
If he’ll fight like a man and love like a lord
With the treasure she steal and the men she keeps
She’s a happy pirate Queen when in bed she sleeps

When she’s rich enough, and she’s tired of men
She’ll once more be a lady as she was back then
With a mansion on the Thames and grounds and a view
And very handsome butler and a footman or two!
Author notes
There is a real Clare, but as far as I know she doesn’t hold up Spanish
treasure ships, but she would like a mansion.