Dad\’s turn now!

Dad’s turn now!
by cricketjeff on December 23, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Christmas morning, half past five
Dad’s not sure that he’s alive
Youngest children wide away
Santa’s made a big mistake!
Christmas stockings on each bed
Poor old Dad is filled with dread
All the toys that Santa gave
Encourage kids to misbehave
First an air-powered foam ball shooter
Then a loud electric hooter
Electric shock pen, does his duty
Geeze that hurts “my little beauty”
Batteries need fitting here
Tiny screws are in this year
Bubbles blowing in his face
Bedroom just is not the place!
Underneath the spare room bed
Rescue brand new doll’s lost head
Larger presents safe downstairs
But just for now nobody cares
Make a lot of fuss and noise
Christmas is for girls and boys
Play with the children make a show
But really Dad just wants a go!