by cricketjeff on January 15, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
She wasn’t brave, she did what all should do —
Or so Miep Gies would have the world believe.
Her actions meant we all can get a clue
About an evil she could not relieve.

Though starved herself she made her rations stretch
To help to feed a family of four.
She would not leave a poor abandoned wretch
Alone when Nazi thugs were at the door.

And when the hidden house was found at last,
Its occupants transported to their fate,
She risked her life to save the counterblast
That young Anne’s words became against such hate.

Yes bravery, and simple honour too,
Miep Gies, in death, we raise our hats to you.

Author notes
Miep Gies was an employee of Otto Frank (Anne Frank’s father) before the war,
when the Frank family went into hiding she was one of the brave Dutch people
who helped keep them (and another family) alive.
After a traitor had betrayed the families to the Gestapo, Miep Gies went back
into the hidden home and rescued and preserved Anne’s diaries and pictures to
give to Otto, the only survivor of the families, aftre the war.
This week she died aged 100.

I am not happy with S2, but this isn’t better yet.

She stretched her meagre rations every day,
To feed the hidden family of four.
She would not turn her back and walk away,
When Nazi thugs were searching door to door.