Doing Some Things Right

Doing Some Things Right
by cricketjeff on June 10, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When his Mrs
Stolen kisses
Long ago
She draws nearer
Makes it clearer
There’s no dearer
Man to know

They’ve been married for forever
And they’re neither of them clever
But they’re wiser than the greatest men alive
For they’ve found a life that suit’s ’em
When a Cupid’s arrow shoots ’em
They make sure they let its consequences thrive

She looked better
Was brunetter
When he met her
Long ago
He was keener
Somewhat leaner
Not a cleaner
Man to know

Though they’ve often rowed and quarrelled
They have never been out moralled
By the arbiters of taste and decency
For all arguments are settled
And their fractured love is fettled
In the private ways that no-one else can see

Now they’re tiring
Not retiring
Still aspiring
To the glow
Found their leisure
In the treasure
Of the pleasure
Two can know

Sixty years they’ve loved each other
Not like sisters love a brother
But with passion flowing hot through every vein
And they don’t intend to change things
Though old age may rearrange things
And if asked they’d live the same lives through again!