Enchanted army

Enchanted army
by cricketjeff on November 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The first time that we kissed I felt the sky
A bright and cold sensation down my spine
It seemed that I had found the means to fly
And all that I desired would soon be mine

We broke apart and everything had changed
Your hair was shining like immortal fire
The place where we had stood was rearranged
And I was filled with terrible desire

You laughed the strangest sound I ever knew
And darkness seemed to wrap me in its heart
The only thing that I could see was you
Reality itself was torn apart

The spell you cast holds like an ancient stone
And I am lost in space and all alone

Ten thousand years I’ve floated far above
And seen the generations come and go
What I had thought the stirrings of true love
Was but the gravest curse that I could know

You gather all the fools who can’t resist
You’re army must be half a million strong
I wonder when this torture will desist
When will the chance of freedom come along

In time I’ve come to see within your mind
You aim to bring the Earth back to its knees
Your enemy you say is all mankind
You spread your tendrils through us like disease

You’ll wipe away all evidence of man
And build a kingdom suited to your plan