Faint Suspicions

Faint Suspicions
by cricketjeff on January 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
You say that that much blood is not abnormal,
It’s just because you do the best you can,
But though I know your methods are informal;
Most people do not bleed to drive a van.

Your toolbox has an axe and two large cleavers,
That seems the oddest way to change a tyre.
You say you strive to join the high achievers
But do they need the chains and razor wire?

Last night you said you went to see your mother,
And now she doesn’t answer on the phone.
That scarecrow looks exactly like your brother
And crows can’t seem to leave its eyes alone.

Why are you busy sharpening that knife?
And why have you just reinsured my life?

Author notes
Prompt; “I’m gettin’ real suspicious of the one I love …”