Fifteen lines

Fifteen lines
by cricketjeff on January 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Perhaps it is the darkness of the night
Although I feel the same at height of day
Surprisingly I feel that love is right
So I shall tend to you in any way
I never have to ask you for a kiss
Or say that you aren’t acting as a friend
No higher praise have I for you than this
Stay around me ’til the world must end

People who should take more care of you
Run to tell you how to run your life
Other folk all seem to know for true
Maybe they all would like you for their wife
I say to all the world who reads this rhyme
Stick by Tory ’til the end of time
Every other action is a crime!
Author notes
If you want an acrostic sonnet you need a shorter name!
So I ended with a triple instead of a couplet.