Figures of Speech

Figures of Speech
by cricketjeff on November 15, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Roseanne and Albert Leigh have got a son
The roundest little boy you’ll ever see
One day young Simon’s teacher, just in fun
Said that a ball is like a Simmy Leigh

Belinda Blades thinks men are games to play
She gives the ones who win a simple score
If you’re a one she’ll not ask you to stay
I do not think that she’s yet met a four

Some poetry is like a vintage wine
With subtle notes enhancing every sip
But other verse is not born on a vine
And leaves a punning presence on your lip

I hope you see the meanings I have shown
But more than that I hope I made you groan!

Author notes
I’m sorry
I’m really truly sorry
(No I’m not I love bad puns!)