Fly by night

Fly by night
by cricketjeff on June 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Each night I lie awake and dream of flying home to you
Across the many miles of roaring tide
And always in these waking dreams I have the clearest view
Of ways I can achieve a magic glide
From standing on the seashore I’ll embrace a breath of air
And soar across the void to find your hand
The wind will gently bare me to the edge of over there
To find that you are waiting on the sand

Together we both spread our arms and drift towards the sky
To make our bed on clouds that catch the sun
Two lovers who have bridged the sea and learned the way to fly
Content to learn new ways of having fun
We’ll slide along a rainbow then play football with the moon
Before we tidy up the milky way
The time we have for frollicking is over far too soon
We better fit in other sorts of play

Then bathing in contentment we both sigh and drop our arms
So that we settle softly back on Earth
I kiss you on the lips and bid goodbye to all your charms
My dreams are softly fading into mirth
Just dozing on my pillow and my mind is filled with you
Of ways that I could really cross the tide
I cannot be contented ’til I have you in my view
And two lovers touch the heavens side by side

Author notes
You said you like gracefully flowing rhyme so I thought this would do better
than a boring old sonnet.