For all the world\’s religions

For all the world’s religions
by cricketjeff on July 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The leaders of religions never have to clear away
The mess they make of other people’s lives
A billion under threat of AIDS since condoms are for play
The Pope has murdered many faithful wives

A semtex suicide for god, a child the chosen bomb
Mohammed never said that this was right
Yet “Islam”‘s on the calling card that says who this is from
This loving teaching sure knows how to fight

Let’s kill the Jews and burn a witch, all protestants must die
The same is true for every other sect
The madmen that are in control just pull the strings on high
And wait ’til all the honest lives are wrecked

“You cannot criticise our thoughts, you see we know we’re right”
“Our god has told us it’s OK to kill”
“You disagree, that’s fine by us, we’ll hack you down on sight”
“Then pray tomorrow brings another thrill”

It doesn’t seem to matter what the god or creed your pick
And Communists and Fascists are as bad
If you don’t think the same as me I’ll smash you with a stick
And only then I’ll know that “GOD IS GLAD”

Author notes
I haven’t said anything controversial for a while