From a disappointed elf

From a disappointed elf
by cricketjeff on December 25, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Disappointed? I should say
To hear you spread such lies this way!
You say that I do not exist
I’m less substantial than the mist

It’s true that I can’t right each wrong
Save all the weak from all the strong
Bring every child their heartfelt needs
Or prove myself in daring deeds

And yet you must have seen my tries
I show the world and open eyes
I urge from all my fellow men
A kinder, better regimen

Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew
Or non of those, I speak to you
Across the world, near and far places
I see your hearts shown in your faces

Evil men corrupt and scourge
And greedy men give in to urge
But ‘cross all nations I can boast
The better people are the most

I’m disappointed that I can’t
Into richer soils plant
The seed of a much better life
Free of sorrow, needless strife

Ten thousand years this tired old elf
Without a single thought of self
Has flown the world and spread good cheer
And I’ll do the same again next year!

Author notes
So I spoke to Kris on the phone, and he dictated this poem for me to enter.
Says he’s been trying his best all his life and he will be 10,037 next
Birthday, he agrees it is disappointing, but it has to be worth trying again!

Somebody needs reminding
All the world can be
Not as bad as it is now
Troubled and not free
Alter your perception

Run a different race
Use a little magic
Learn a happy face
Everyone is special
Some already know

Only need convincing
Keep Santa on the go!