Gingerbread men and Wine

Gingerbread men and Wine
by cricketjeff on December 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
A gingerbread man, a cup of tea and dreams that curl round you
And moon and stars that stare down from the sky.
Accompanied by a ginger wine and thoughts of things to do
When far apart is turned to you and I,
The smile on my face the dreams have brought, the warmth of tea and wine
Are all a part of happiness tonight
The gingerbread man, may not be you, but just like you he’s mine
I wonder if that’s why he tastes so right
So sat in my bath I write these words and wash the blues away
As condensation mists away the sky
I’ll hurry to bed and fall asleep and dream of you till day
As in my dreams it’s always you and I