Her master returns

Her master returns
by cricketjeff on September 12, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
She kneels on the floor
And she waits for the door
If I don’t arrive she is lost
Her hands are well cuffed
And her holes are well stuffed
She is ready to meet any cost

Of new rings she’s aware
Her tits have a pair
Their healing is almost completed
The one over her clit
Keeps her fizzing a bit
If she touched it I’ll know she has cheated

She knows I’m not late
She’ll just have to wait
Her knees and her thighs are both aching
If I don’t soon come
To unplug her bum
A prospect about which she’s quaking

“Be ready by five
Before I arrive”
Now it six and still she is waiting
“I’ll be there by eight
I hope I’m not late”
An agony she’s contemplating

In front of her knees
Cane and flogger she sees
She’s going all out to impress me
She’s so scared of the cane
Will I use it again?
Will I give her the chance to address me

The wait must get shorter
The clock’s struck the quarter
She’s sure that her cunt must be soaking
Her mouth though is dry
She hopes she won’t cry
When I fill it until she is choking

For one half hour more
She kneels on the floor
All she can hear is the clock
Until her senses have found
Her favourite sound
My key turning to open the lock

When I open the door
And I see her once more
I remember to try to ignore her
Her face drops with fear
And she holds back a tear
She must know that I really adore her

She can’t blink her eyes
As I open my flies
Her mouth is too just much temptation
I use her at will
She has exquisite skill
So much better than lone masturbation

I take off my coat
Now I’ve spent in her throat
My property must be inspected
Her pain will be high
If I think I spy
Any defects she should have corrected

I tug on each ring
But I don’t say a thing
She almost comes when I let go the last one
She bites on her lip
She won’t let that slip
She knows that I won’t miss a fast one

In her cunt I am pleased
To see both stockings squeezed
I move them to her mouth without speaking
Her legs though are wet
It’s a very safe bet
That she knew that down there she was leaking

I pull her to the table
She crawls as she’s able
I must read her list of misdeeds
The list is not long
She does not much wrong
Just enough that I’ll see to her needs

I think that will pass
Though I will flog her arse
If just for the pleasure that gives me
And a well reddened bum
Will add to her cum
And whatever I do she forgives me

I tell her to bend
To present her rear end
She knows this position so well
I don’t have to speak
She will pull on each cheek
As I check that her plug is in well

I will pull it about
Before pulling it out
And checking that it’s very clean
She will get very hot
If there is even one spot
That betrays where the metal has been

She’s showing two holes
That are hotter than coals
And I know I can user either one
But a bum warming first
So I work up a thirst
Before choosing which one is more fun

Although the cuffs chain is long
It would be quite wrong
To leave her with hand held that way
So I unlock each wrist
Then her hand can assist
By holding the cane while I play

If she drops the cane
It will add to her pain
As I’ll use it instead of this other
She holds onto it tight
As I treat her just right
Though her legs move around like a jogger

She counts up to eight
But now I can’t wait
To enter her body for pleasure
It’s the front hole tonight
Though the other’s more tight
Her cunt is her most precious treasure

And now that I’ve screwed her
It is time to include her
In talking about her new jewellery
Three rings of gold
That look very bold
And will encourage all sorts of tomfoolery

I tell her I’m pleased
And her tension is eased
Till I say that that’s just the beginning
Next time I’m away
For much more than a day
They’ll be another rare prize for the winning!
Author notes
This is a continuation from another poem written as a contest entry. It is
Adult, it is BDSM it is all in my mind. Do not read if it may offend you