How I write

How I write
by cricketjeff on November 25, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I really like to write quite fast
So my entry won’t be last
And I find the game a blast
I’m sometimes not too bad

I whizz a long at quite a lick
I wish my fingers were more quick
But as long as my poor brain is slick
I’m really not too bad

I find the trick is pick the beat
And follow on on running feet
And pick up words that sound quite sweet
And it won’t be too bad

Then you look for where you’ll end
Before you crash off at a bend
And write a rhyme that you can’t mend
And that would be too bad

So instant rhyme at rapid pace
Is the medium I chase
And it I think is my best place
You know? I’m not too bad!