How Things Were and Will Be

How Things Were and Will Be
by cricketjeff on October 31, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I remember when the summer was an endless round of play
And games were only finished by the dark
When growing-up and living were a million miles away
Past pretty girls and kissing in the park
We were always in a hurry didn’t know that life was sweet
Till we found a world of worry when our childhoods were complete

There were days of lying doggo in a field of waist high grass
There were weeks of catching tiddlers in the stream
Climbing trees and chasing rainbows as tomorrow tried to pass
I remember but it seems more like a dream
If we could we’d hurry back there to that land of make-believe
From this castle built on worry where we’re doomed to sit and grieve

Were you ever in those playgrounds counting conkers with your friends
Did you tease the other children that you knew
If you had the chance to go back would you try to make amends
Or  continue with your misbegotten crew
I’m still headlong in a hurry heading somewhere I don’t know
Trying hard to bury worry in imaginary snow

Will you meet me in those summers and with just as little care
Will you love me as you’ve never loved before
Make the future twice as golden as the memories we’ll share
So I’ll never know what treasures lie in store
Then at last I’ll cease to hurry I’ll want every day to last
And I’ll leave all thoughts of worry in my past