I was sitting

I was sitting
by cricketjeff on August 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I was sitting here and thinking of the pleasures that I lack
Like a girl with lots of freckles and a bottom I could smack
I was sitting contemplating other folk have rather more
Like a girl with lots of giggles and a figure I’d adore
I was sitting and daydreaming that I wasn’t here alone
But I had a lover with me and my loneliness had flown

I was sitting here and wishing things would right themselves on cue
I would be here feeling happy busy making love to you
I was sitting doing nothing when you walked across my mind
With a sexy little greeting and a wiggling behind
I was sitting here and typing writing out some pointless rhyme
When you whispered that you loved me and I had a better time

I was sitting hurting no-one just a rhymer in a chair
When I thought about your giggles and the perfume of your hair
So I stood instead of sitting and I thought about your kiss
And I knew that I should travel to an evening filled with bliss
Then while lying after sitting on a bed with you beside
I’d be glad I’d lived the daydream it was more than worth the ride