Ideally Placed -Abridged Edition-

Ideally Placed (Abridged Edition)
by cricketjeff on January 1, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
If her chest has words to say you can’t ignore ’em,
And to look the other way would just be rude.
Though she could have found another place to store ’em
It is really not my habit to intrude.

Just the fact the setting’s beautifully curvy
Doesn’t mean the message isn’t worth the read,
It would be a fool who called a reader pervy
For conforming to a basic human need.

If it says “The Pretty Pussycat’s best Dancer”
Or she’s “all for making love instead of war”,
You should never be ashamed to be a glancer,
After all that’s what the words were put there for.

If she didn’t want you looking at her assets,
She would not have placed her views upon their facets!

Author notes
A Question of Propriety

If girls are wearing slogans on their chests,
is it OK for me to read their breasts?

(A shortened version to meet contest requirements, the full version is here)