In Praise of Alfred Bird

In Praise of Alfred Bird
by cricketjeff on August 17, 2019.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Was Alfred Bird a god? I need to know
For it was he who gave use what they eat
His product gives the World a healthy glow
And adds the final touch to any sweet

Was Alfred Bird the greatest man to live?
Without his work few men would ever smile
A portion (not to small) will always give
The saddest man a brief excuse to smile

Was Alfred Bird received at Heaven’s gate
By Saints in awe all down on bended knee?
Some Christian fools insist that men must wait
That rule could surely not apply to he

So Alfred Bird I offer you a toast
But not in wine you wouldn’t think that right
To he who owns our species’ greatest boast
I raise my custard bowl “To you – Good Night”

Author notes
Alfred Bird, in 1837, invented custard powder.