In the rain in Great Ormond Street

In the rain in Great Ormond Street
by cricketjeff on October 13, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Through a wet and gloomy city
Sadness walks a weary way.
Like a government committee
Sadness knows not what to say.

Under skies stained black with raindrops;
Busy workers scurry past,
Others walking or at bus-stops
Watch their lives slip by too fast.

In the crowd alone and tearful;
Where she hopes and waits for news.
See her face so drawn and fearful,
All she has she thinks she’ll lose.

In a room that’s far above her
Men are fighting in her cause.
Standing back the friends that love her
Feel their lives are put on pause.

Is it hours or days she’s waited,
Rain and gloom are on her side.
All the darkness contemplated
Seems her hopes have been denied.

Then her pocket sounds alarming!
Fumbling fingers find her phone.
Suddenly her face is charming
All the world is hers to own!

Teams of surgeons saved her baby
Bitter fighting, but they’ve won.
And at last she thinks that maybe
Normal life has now begun.

Author notes
Twice a day I walk down Great Ormond Street past the famous children’s
hospital. You see every emotion there.