I\’ve been sitting in the garden

I’ve been sitting in the garden
by cricketjeff on May 16, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I’ve been sitting in the garden, watching cricket, drinking tea
With a cone of cherry ice-cream, on the table next to me.
I was watching England batting, they were scoring run on run,
West Indies, who were fielding, didn’t find the game much fun.

I’ve been sitting in the garden, reading Shakespeare, drinking wine,
With a slice of cake for afters, that is not as good as mine.
When you’re lost in “As You Like It” London suburbs fade away,
Rosalind had other worries in her world of yesterday.

I’ve been sitting in the garden, dreaming dreams of other lives,
When the past has been rewritten, without tragedies and wives.
You and I would have a future, and a present, and a past,
But the evening turned quite chilly so the dreaming couldn’t last.

I’m not sitting in the garden, in the drizzle and the rain,
But when sunshine’s back in Harrow I’ll be sitting there again.
Other days my life’s too busy, in the office or with friends,
But a day of spring and pleasure, very nearly, makes amends.