Kaleidoscopic flight

Kaleidoscopic flight
by cricketjeff on August 17, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

By the river where I’m lazing is the softest grassy slope,
    Where I love to lie and gaze into the sky.
There were coloured clouds condensing like a free kaleidoscope,
    So I closed my eyes and found that I could fly.
In a spiral in the sunshine I was soaring ever higher
With the sunlight on my paper wings I set the sky on fire.

All the colours of the rainbow seemed to spill across my wings,
      Like a giant artist’s palette in the sky,
And I’m hanging from my daydreams like a puppet on his strings
      Or a fledgling who has just learned how to fly.
There is beauty all around me, Mother Nature makes a show,
There’s a jigsaw of a rainbow and the clouds all seem to glow.

And I wonder as I’m lying looking up towards the blue
      And the splash of other colours in the sky.
Is there some far distant river where the sky performs for you
      While you gaze up and you dream you’ve learned to fly.
Every moment filled with beauty makes me wish that I was there
Lying where you gaze at rainbows, flying daydreams through the air.