Kantar Dots

Kantar Dots
by cricketjeff on January 24, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Kantar all the glass is orange spotty
Although it drives the inmates round the bend
The branding wonks are clearly worse than dotty
Designs are done by someone’s taste-blind friend

In Kantar every slide is brash and bouncy
The content doesn’t matter just the scheme
Be sure to fill the frame with something flouncy
Imagine life’s a third-rate pop-art dream

No matter what the matter you’re discussing
No matter if you have a scrap of taste
If you’ve no balls you’ll find that someone’s fussing
That every thing you said must go to waste

I’m not asleep it’s just my eyes refuse
To open on the scenes some people choose!

Author notes
My employer was bought by another company about 18 months ago and over the
weekend the rather subtle translucent grey rounded hexagons that had
represented the previous owners and were placed on the glass doors and walls to
warn people not to walk into them we now have kindergarten orange spots.
I’d hate to arrive with a hangover!