Keeping up with the Tudors

Keeping up with the Tudors
by cricketjeff on June 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When I was young, in fourteen forty four,
King Henry wasn’t really fit to rule.
Our Lords thought they could fight for evermore,
While we just worked to earn a bit of gruel,
If you thought times were good you are a fool!
Perhaps we’d live to see a better day,
When Lords and King were busy far away.

We learned to wield a bow and how to fight;
No Frenchmen, Scot or Irish matched our skill,
Though Lords would treat their underlings with spite
We English fought for riches with a will,
Please tell me that you are not fighting still!
As well as foreign wars we’re fighting here,
‘Cause Lancs and Yorks each say their claim is clear

I’m older now and stand on Bosworth field,
We’re swapping sides to bring an end to war!
When Henry forces Richard’s troops to yield
Our Lords have said we’ll have a little more.
(I know, I know! They’ve said the same before!)
But maybe there’ll be peace at home at last,
It’s time we put the fighting in the past.

This Tudor King is hard as nails it seems,
But fairer than the rabble he’s replaced.
Perhaps we’ll be allowed to live our dreams,
Not just exist and hope we’re not disgraced –
The troubles we poor peasantry have faced!
So charge your tankard drink a toast in mead,
“To Lords whose only motive isn’t greed!”

Author notes
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