by cricketjeff on January 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The giggle in the background has a voice that tries to fly
The pretty little pickle is the gleam in Mommy’s eye
Her smiling and her laughter kick the bad times into touch
And Keira is the trouble that will never be too much

She’s eating sweets for dinner when her Mommy told her no
And Mommy may be busy but her picture has to show
It doesn’t really matter if she’s gonna be a pest
‘Cause Keira is the pickle that is sweeter than the rest

When running round the garden she is getting in a mess
And if there’s mischief slowly brewing she is in it more or less
But when her Mommy’s worried she can end it with a kiss
And Keira is the vixen that’s a perfect little miss

At five years old she’s all grown up a lady of her own
And if not treated perfectly she’s gonna have a moan
But sometimes just by accident she’ll make her Mommy’s day
And Keira is an angel who will steal your heart away