Kissed by the moon

Kissed by the moon
by cricketjeff on April 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
As I gaze out to sea with the moon shining down
And its sister shines out from the sea
I can see a sweet form in a magical gown
And it seems she is waiting for me
With the moon in her hair she stands up from the deep
Most beautiful woman on Earth
A vision I’ve seen every night as I sleep
The lady I’ve known since my birth

As you stepped from the sea, as you stepped from my dreams
As I knew we would love evermore
When you came to my arms from your realm of extremes
And we walked arm in arm on the shore
First I knelt at your feet and I offered my all
And the moon cast a magical spell
Every night after dark we now answer her call
And we walk by the soft ocean swell

Now we live for all time between your world and mine
And we’re seen every night on the beach
In your lavender gown in the silver moonshine
We are seen but are never in reach
With a love such as ours the moon knows she did right
When she bound us together like this
So please walk on the beach with your love any night
And in moonlight you’ll witness our kiss…