Kissing Sleeping Beauty

Kissing Sleeping Beauty
by cricketjeff on November 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
As twilight melts beneath the leafless trees,
A tiny shoot emerges from the earth.
The passing days have warmed a few degrees,
Another year can show the world its worth.

The first few rays now rain upon the scene,
A splash of gold where grey had held the sway
It’s winter still but one small hint of green
Betrays the truth that spring is on the way.

No snowdrop yet has shown its pretty face
Where dappled light makes patterns on the ground,
But day by day the year slips into place
And shoot by shoot recovery is found.

Across the glade small miracles occur;
Kissed by the sun new beauty starts to stir.

Author notes
A Shakespearean sonnet.