Late Entry

Late Entry
by cricketjeff on January 31, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
With all the gifts I’ve got to give,
I’ll need a lot more time to live!
There’s girls to kiss
And work to miss
All far too much for me to sieve.

Where does time go? This isn’t right
I need at least another night,
To prove my worth
To all on Earth;
I could have been a shining light.

The sands still fall? This is no way
For me to spend my final day.
I’ve never seen …
And never been …
I’ll have to find a way to stay!

You see you’re wrong! You’re off your head
You meant some other man instead
I’m still alive
And sure to thrive
But wait,
              oh Shit
                         I’m d
Author notes
Bummer, it’s hard to write notes from beyond the grave!

This is your prompt:
“what do you mean, I only have four hours to live???”