Long Distance Love

Long Distance Love
by cricketjeff on December 10, 2021.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
And every week she waited for
The letters he would send.
The thoughts he contemplated or
Some news of every friend.

He sent a card each birthday and
A kiss for Valentines.
The far-off visits that they planned
Filled many tidy lines.

She knew all the ambitions he
Kept burning deep inside.
He followed every story she
Was happy to confide

She cherished every picture that
He sent from time to time.
His face, his home or just his cat,
The hills he loved to climb.

The letters started years ago
When pen-pals were the rage
Though they’ve grown up the words still flow
Some stories never age.

Romance was never the intent,
Their teachers gave out names,
But gods ignore what people meant
And Cupid will play games.

They fell in love across the years,
No overnight affair.
No storming rows, no heartfelt tears,
They almost weren’t aware.

They’ll never meet, too long has passed
Now both are long retired.
Their emailed messages fly fast
And stamps are not required.

She taught for years, and asked each class
To write to distant friends.
How many friendships never pass
The story never ends.

Author notes
Not sure if it’s an impossible love story but …

I usually prefer what I call “extended ballad meter” with alternating seven and
five syllable lines but you asked for the conventional variety.