Melvin on Holiday

Melvin on Holiday
by cricketjeff on September 11, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Melvin’s off on holiday
He got the tickets yesterday
Martha’s bought a new bikini
Melvin hopes it’s rather teeny

Other dragons use their wings
Melvin uses trains and things
Since 9-11 most airline crew
Won’t carry dragons two by two

But the ferry captain says “All right”
I’ll take you to the Isle of Wight
The ice-cream van’s in easy reach
While they hunt for fossils on the beach

Martha finds a fossil head
That looks just like her Uncle Fred
The museum staff can not be sure
She may have found a dinosaur

The bed and breakfast where they stay
Says “Dragons welcome, any day”
They’re pleased to see such toleration
Spreading right across the nation

The landlady’s ready at the door
With fireproof sheets (in case they snore!)
And Martha’s cancelled Melvin’s diet
So breakfast time will be a riot!

The second day the funfair’s due
Our happy pair will join the queue
They won’t be seeing all the sites
Martha’s quite afraid of heights

The bonfire party after dark
They think will be a jolly lark
And if the fire just will not go
Melvin can give a little blow

Their holiday’s a great success
There’s no way they could hate it less
But a week in Cowes or out in Spain
Will soon be done then home again.

The Holiday was lots of fun
But now unpacking’s to be done
Those bermuda shorts were rather cute
But at work Melvin wears a suit