Moonlight Waltz

Moonlight Waltz
by cricketjeff on March 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When the Moon gave a shine to your eyes
And the stars made a show of the skies,
We were lost in the music of sighs
As we kissed all the night time away.

In your arms I was King for a while,
So for days I’ll be wearing this smile.
The night has a power to beguile
And we wandered our own Milky Way.

Now you’ll live in my heart every night
And you’ll fill all my dreams with delight.
When the Moon brings you into my sight,
Then the cares of the day fade away.

If you’ll say that you’ll always be mine
I shall know that the Moonlight’s divine

Author notes
An “unsonnet” maybe, three anapæsts per line, rhymes aaaB cccB dddB ee.

Dunno if you will allow 9 syllable lines in an unsonnet though. I may try an
anapæstic tetrameter one [Posts%20by%20cricketjeff%202_files/happy.gif]