My Dragon

My Dragon
by cricketjeff on September 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
She stirs
hissing her anger
at those who dare
to come too close

it is time
time rules her life

when the time comes
powerful muscles
push her sleek
onwards ever onwards
in a rush and roar
of beautiful anger

She consumes her prey
devours it
it is inconsequential

all that matters
is the rush and the roar

Amazed admirers
flock to the scene
bathe in her fury
and she’s gone
a vision
a dream
a nightmare

Too soon

it is done
the final mile consumed
and in clouds of disappointment
she stands
so that I
a supplicant
can make a picture
of a giant
at rest.

Author notes
For those less well versed than others in the realms of Jefflaw the dragon is
mechanical and has a tendency to roam along paths made of iron. In other words
it is a railway locomotive.