My perfect lover

My perfect lover
by cricketjeff on February 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
First I watched you slowly shimmy into bed beside my side
Then I felt your lips caress me and your mouth fell open wide
All across my upper body gentle fingers searched to find
Just a hint of what was need to undress my sleeping mind
You are all I ever needed and you’re all I dream at night
And to fall for pure perfection surely means there’s something right

As you wrap yourself around me I am lost to all my past
I just know that you are with me and the night is flying fast
Though you thought that I was sleeping I am ready for each touch
In the hours before tomorrow you are all I need so much
So I pull you ever closer and I lose myself in you
There is nothing short of magic in the least that you can do

In the lifetime full of loving that we squeeze into an hour
I have lost what needed losing and you’ve given back my power
And tonight I’ll sleep contented feeling like an ancient king
By the Queen who showed me mercy then bequeathed me everything
You have shown me that the future can be all I want it to
If in life I find a lover who can match a dream like you