My smile

My smile
by cricketjeff on June 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Your fingers walk, uninvited
counting my ribs
endlessly exploring
the limits of your domain.

I taste your silent breaths
washing like the tide
across my wordless tongue.

You see through
my unawakened eyes
deep into my forgotten dreams
and you change them.

You leave your scent
in places you have never been
your fingerprints on glass
you never touched.

I can’t recall a time before we met
nor believe in a future
without you.

You do all these things
and swim serenely by.

You are my limits
and my expectations.

More than this
you are

Author notes
I picked up a pretty yellow cup in Sensual_Poems_Wanted, and maybe another
couple too [Posts%20by%20cricketjeff%202_files/happy.gif]