Neighbourhood Watching

Neighbourhood Watching
by cricketjeff on March 31, 2020.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
She stands by the gap in the curtain
With the light off so she can be certain
That he’ll never know
That her favourite show
Occurs before he puts his shirt on

Next day she was dressing for dinner
And stretching to try to look thinner
When he looked up to see
Her displayed, clothing free
And muttered “Tonight I’m a winner”

This went on for week after week
Each stealing a secretive peek
Their shows getting ruder,
Longer lasting and nuder
And starring both front parts and cheek

Then one day they met in the street
She blushed and he stared at his feet
They muttered “hello”
Then waddya know
Each rushed home to set up a treat

She stripped as she watch him strip too
And suddenly knew what to do
Neither waited to dress
They rushed out to de-stress
But the road’s not the best place to screw!

Author notes
A silly Limerick chain