New Labour\’s on parade

New Labour’s on parade
by cricketjeff on January 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
They promised us a referendum
Now they’ve made a bold addendum
We once had rights but now they’ll end’em
New Labour’s on parade

They want to build a database
So they can track you any place
Your DNA will solve the case
New Labour’s on parade

Though Gordon Brown was not elected
He surely was the one selected
His fortunes may get resurrected
New Labour’s on parade

You car will slow down if it’s speeding
You’ll pay them twice if roads you’re needing
All ancient rights need superceding
New Labour’s on parade

Can’t pass a law with English voting
Don’t worry Scots MPs are doting
They rubber stamp what Brown’s promoting
New Labour’s on parade

They borrowed when the times were good
Instead of saving as they should
They’ll borrow more they’re Robin Hood
New Labour’s on parade

They made the mess so they can fix it
Who else is there with chance to mix it
Each button Gordon finds he clicks it
New Labour’s on parade

Another year and digging deeper
The market slumps are getting steeper
But Gordon’s sure that he’s a keeper
New Labour’s on parade

Their banking friends all made a mint
With crazy schemes rushed into print
And now the rest of us are skint
New Labour’s on parade

With Woolies bust the High Street’s reeling
The other shops are not appealing
But Gordon Brown has got a feeling
New Labour’s on parade

Don’t worry that they’ll get it wrong
They’ve done the same things all along
Just told the world that they were strong
New Labour’s on parade

They sexed up dossiers left and right
And told the World it’s right to fight
Equipped the Army, well, not quite
New Labour’s on parade

New rates of tax to help the poor
Abolish them to help them more
Then panic when you read the score!
New Labour’s on parade

It’s all the same each verse repeating
But still their term will need completing
Roll on the hour of their defeating
New Labour’s doom is laid

Author notes
Trouble is, are the other lot any better?