Night and Day

Night and Day
by cricketjeff on June 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The clouds that hid the stars have rolled away,
One thousand gems shine from a velvet bed.
The jewellery that’s hidden by the day
Now decorates the canvas overhead.

A gentle breeze disturbs my garden’s flowers
But nothing else is moving I can see.
The world has been asleep for several hours,
The only one alive here could be me.

My friends in other lands are wide awake,
I send my love to them before they sleep.
The magic of the silence must not break
The calm around me now is rich and deep.

Goodnight to all the world beneath the stars
Take time to mend the hurts and heal the scars.


The stars that ruled the night are put away,
The brilliance of the Sun sends them to bed.
A tranquil blue bedecks a summer’s day,
A pristine canvas stretches overhead.

The birds and bees are flitting through the flowers
There is no other scene I’d wish to see.
The hunt for food will fill their daytime hours,
Their beauty will be there for you and me.

On such a day I’m glad to be awake
While friends abroad aren’t troubled in their sleep.
The magic of each season cannot break,
The truths of life whose anchors are so deep.

If underneath the Sun or diamond stars,
The world deserves the time to heal its scars.

Author notes
The wren that sits right there on the branch outside my window to sing before
daybreak each day.