No pipes and drums

No pipes and drums
by cricketjeff on January 31, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Far from the victories another girl waits
For soldiers returning without any drums
Citizens gaze and they curse at the fates
The girl that is waiting hopes that he comes

War is now over, no victory gained
Men are returning just beaten and sore
No barriers needed, all cheering restrained
Her man will never come home from this war.

She stands on her tiptoes, day upon day
The dress she is wearing now dirty and torn
Slowly so slowly all hope drains away
But she can’t leave her vigil, a lady forlorn

War’s don’t have victors, all lose in the end
Remember the cost to your enemy’s friend
Author notes
When I read a poem that I really like I like to try and comment in like form. I
read a poem When_the_pipes_come by Amera and wanted to do that, but her poem
was upbeat and happy, mine is very sad so I did not want to put it on as a
comment and spoil her page.