Not her day!

Not her day!
by cricketjeff on February 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
A brand new suit with broad green stripes
An interview today
Her tiny pack of baby wipes
Won’t help in any way

Up with the lark and wide awake
She caught the early train
But then she made her first mistake
She won’t do that again

An hour to kill, she found the park
A bench beneath a tree
If she had been there after dark
I’d understand you see

But difficult it really ain’t
To read a big red sign
In plain white text it read “Wet Paint”
I know, the sign was mine.

I’d painted every bench that day
A lovely shade of green
And labelled them in such a way
They could be clearly seen

Her interviewer may not ask
If she can see or read
But if she’s up to any task
It must be odd indeed!!!

Author notes
The prompt was “Wet Paint”