Not sleeping

Not sleeping
by cricketjeff on March 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Lying in bed and not sleeping
But almost asleep all the same
Into my dreams there comes creeping
A sound that resembles your name

Lying and cuddled by covers
And almost asleep for the night
I feel that we two are now lovers
And suddenly everything’s right

Lying and silently typing
And sleep will be claiming me soon
With you there would never be griping
Just hearts that are singing in tune

Lying and typing this musing
And hoping to dream in a few
I’m finding the things I’m perusing
Are mainly an image of you

Before I can press this last button
And publish these thoughts from my head
I want you to know I’m a glutton
For dreaming of you in my bed

I now bid sweet dreams to my lover
You may be asleep on your own
When you have the chance to recover
Will you feel the loving I’ve shown
Author notes
just a bit smoother I think