Obeying the rules

Obeying the rules
by cricketjeff on May 2, 2014.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I wrote this poem with the sharpest pencil
That they’d allow inside my padded cell
To get the font I used a plastic stencil
Which worked OK but has a nasty smell

The nasty smell was really rather handy
It meant I wasn’t tempted to a snack
So this whole verse was penned without the candy
That normally keeps what I pen on track.

Now having settled how I have to write it
I better pick a subject for my rhyme
I’ve thought of something meaningful, I’ll fight it
All poems with a message are a crime!

What is this line “remember the four seasons”?
I’ve tried but I can only think of two
That’s salt and pepper, any more are treasons
Against good taste, I don’t like things too new.

My nurse is here, I need my daily shocking,
But I’ll be back to finish this, maybe
Before the ticking clocks have finished tocking
But not until I’ve had a cup of tea!