Of kites and colour change

Of kites and colour change
by cricketjeff on October 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Today I watched the turning of the trees
With red kites soaring high across the skies
Magnificently sailing on the breeze
And keeping all of England in their eyes

I listened to the rustle of the leaves
And heard the pretty_calling_of_the_kites
The touch of gold an autumn tree receives
Is truly one of nature’s great delights

The turning leaves are measures of the year
Returning kites are measures of our age
The beauty we once massacred through fear
Returns to take its place on centre stage

How do we seem to kites above the town
When autumn trees are slowly turning brown

Author notes
The photo of the red kite is courtesy of www.naturealbums.com and is by and
copyright Necip Perver.