Office Work

Office Work
by cricketjeff on November 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I find it appealing when girls are revealing
The ways that they differ to men
So mentally healing when they’re not concealing
I wish that they’d do it again
The chances for earning these beauties are spurning
Are surely a cause for regret
I find myself yearning for intimate learning
There’s much she could teach me I bet
Whenever I’m stressing or life’s bloody messing
A beautiful girl’s just the thing
I find it a blessing to dream she’s undressing
So soon my soul’s starting to sing
The breasts that are gracing the vision I’m chasing
Are bouncing unbounded and free
I’ll dream I’m embracing the fineness I’m facing
She’s keeping them only for me
And soon there’s a muddle as we start to cuddle
And lips start to massage her lips
It’s bound to befuddle when you’re in a huddle
With hands on her two perfect hips
I’ll quickly be shaking her moves are Earthquaking
I’m heading for personal bliss
If I’m not mistaking it’s time I was waking
The office is no place for this
Author notes
My prompt is Office Work