Office work

Office work
by cricketjeff on June 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
In a world so far from sensual there is work I have to do
So I sit and ponder data when I should be loving you.
I don’t hear the door swing open or your footsteps on the floor
But I feel your breath upon my neck, that promises much more.
My head rolls back between your breasts, you kiss me on the hair,
Your hands slip past my shoulders and you press me to my chair.
The world has vanished magically, you’re sitting on my knees,
Not a man of stress and tension but a lover at my ease.
The Kashmir of your jumper, so seductive to my touch.
The taste your lips are hiding shows me what I want so much.
Next my waistcoat buttons open as my hands explore your spine
And my tie and shirt go missing as I taste what’s really mine.
When the Kashmir hits the carpet and your nipples tease my teeth,
Then the working week’s forgotten and been buried far beneath.
As arm in arm two lovers leave the office far behind
Searching for their cosy bedroom and the lust that’s on each mind.