Oh to be in Gooblegrip Now That Sprung has Springed.

Oh to be in Gooblegrip Now That Sprung has Springed.
by cricketjeff on July 21, 2021.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Near Umbleania-by-the-Sea
There is a place I’d love to be.
Its low lying hills above the clouds
Are rarely filled with noisome crowds.
Its rivers are extremely dry
And very pleasing to the eye.
The desert lakes are blue as coal
And warm as snowballs on the whole.

You should arrive at Goodfornaught
The capital and largest port
It’s only three miles from the sea
And rarely floods excessively.
Your ship (or bus, the choice is yours)
Will let you land from both its doors
The natives’ greetings won’t be rough
(unless you don’t buy loads of stuff).

I’ve only been there thrice or twice,
To dine on winkles stuffed with mice
A special’ty of which they’re proud –
Not eating it is not allowed.
Return with me, I’m leaving soon
To watch the changing of the Moon.
Just book your ticket for the trip
To sunny, rain-lashed, Gooblegrip.

Author notes
I’m pretty sure this cannot be described as adult poetry and it has twenty-four
lines. I think autorank would explode if you tried to use it.

I’m sure you all know that Gooblegrip, situated as it is on the borders of
Bindybandy and Umbleania, is an isolated, inland, desert island. Blessed with
rich verdant forests of deadly cactus and glorious underground views. If you
don’t fancy the shipboard route you can get there by pogostick from Ulan Bator
or take the tram from just outside Guildford.

I’ve written about the Lake District, the Sussex Downs, The Oval and so many
other places I thought I’d take you somewhere new.