Oh! We like hair

Oh! We like hair
by cricketjeff on May 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
If looking in the mirror causes dreadful morning shocks;
Then you need urgent treatment for your sad, unruly locks.
We’ve everything you’re needing to make hairstyles look at home –
Oh! And a comb

When the day has smashed your hair-do and it’s causing you to glower
And you can’t find rescue products that will help you in the shower,
We’ve everything you’re needing to get hairstyles looking lush –
Oh! And a brush.

When you’re going to a wedding and you’ll have to wear a hat,
We can help you with the products that won’t leave you feeling flat.
We’ve everything you’re needing to make hair be friends with you –
Oh! And shampoo!

When your face is looking thirty but your hair seems sixty four
And the combination’s dreadful, puts your spirits through the floor.
We’ve everything that certain to make hair caress your eye –
Oh! And hair dye.

So it doesn’t really matter what you want to do up top,
If you’ve long and flowing tresses or the shortest harshest crop,
We’ve everything you’re needing and we’ll send it anywhere –
Oh! We like hair!!!

Author notes
For a web based “hair store”
It can be really everything as long as it’s about Hair, Hairdressers, Curls,
Long Hair, Short hair, No hair, Purple Hair, Grey Hair…really everything…