Old stones and dreaming

Old stones and dreaming
by cricketjeff on April 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just nineteen hundred years ago the Romans built a wall
And it is thanks to those same Romans that my city’s here at all
And the wall they built’s still standing, and I’m sitting on a part
Where I’m dreaming of the Lady who’s the owner of my heart

There’s a statue of the Roman who had pacified us Brits
After Boudicca rebelled and burned the citizens to bits
Lovely flowers and tower views, with tourists in a stream
And a grassy bank in spring sunshine, where I can sit and dream

Victorians put up Tower Bridge, and I can see that too
It’s classic shape and Gothic Towers just adding to the view
The River with its busy boats, and bustle all around
Do not detract the least bit from tranquillity I’ve found

So thank-you for the City wall, you Romans long ago
It has given me a pleasure that I’m sure you couldn’t know
Two thousand year old stone work and a lunchtime in the sun
Make for happy thoughts in springtime, and an interlude of fun.