On a freezing night in Winter

On a freezing night in Winter
by cricketjeff on January 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
On a freezing night in winter when Jack Frost was out to play
We were cuddled on the sofa and we found some words to say
Through the window there was moonlight and the stars were shining bright
And we cuddled up together and we drank a toast to night

First my arm was wrapped around you and your arm was round me too
Then you kissed me rather gently and I did the same to you
In the garden moonlight tickled all the frost-bejewelled trees
On the sofa we were cuddled just two lovers at our ease

As you sipped your glass of brandy and I drank my ginger wine
I was lost inside your dreaming and you sidled into mine
While the stars outside all twinkled and the grass was painted white
We were locked in thoughts of passion and the promise of the night

Huddled nude beneath a blanket I rained kisses on your skin
And you found a way to touch me that made all my senses spin
In the garden in the moonlight there was beauty drawn in frost
On the sofa we were lovers and we knew that we were lost

Did I dream this night of passion were we really locked as one
On a freezing night in winter did we find the truth of fun
I’ll just ask this of the starlight and the Moon who rules above
Did you see us find each other on the night we fell in love