On a January Evening

On a January Evening
by cricketjeff on January 23, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
On a January evening, when the air is cold and clear,
And the sky’s awash with diamonds, and your lover’s lips are near,
In the soft caress of Moonlight you may feel the waves of bliss
That say Winter’s not forever, there is summer in this kiss.

When the winds are wild and testing and their edge is dagger keen,
And the silver threads the frost makes add their sparkle to the scene,
You can find the warmth you long for with your arms around her waist
And the promise of the future’s in the rich red lips you taste.

If the Moon is bright as morning, and the sky is dark as jet,
If the stars could whisper warnings they would bid you not forget,
That although the Summer’s magic is where love was born to bloom,
There is far more tender passion in the Winter’s darkest gloom.

For the Summer is the season built from nature’s poetry
But the long cold nights of Winter bring the best of you and me!