On Safari

On Safari
by cricketjeff on November 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The young polar bear soon discovers he’s cute
But you should beware he is also astute
While you stand there ahhhing at each little trick
His mind will be whirring, it really is quick
Before you see danger and think you should hide
If he’s feeling hungry you’ll find you’re inside!

Each tiger’s a beauty, so regal and sleek
But don’t let that fool you he’s also a sneak
His stripes aren’t for fashion they’re cunning disguise
The truth of his thinking is seen in his eyes
He’ll wait till your sleeping then launch an attack
It’s not bacon butties when he wants a snack

The lion’s so lazy he’s hard to respect
But changes in mood can be hard to detect
He’ll lie in the sunshine his wives all around
While you are delighted at what you have found
But don’t look away or they’ll think you invite
Them over to join you for one friendly bite

You cannot deny that the Nile crocodile
Looks less than unfriendly while wearing a smile
He’s loves to sun bathe, but it’s not for his tan
He’ll be contemplating a desperate plan
Don’t stand by his head for a photo with you
When he thinks of snaps, he means snap you in two!

All over the world there are creatures to see
It’s great to watch nature that’s wandering free
But deep in their thoughts (I don’t know, it’s a hunch)
They’re not thinking “tourist, lets sell him some lunch.”
It’s food on their minds, I am sure of that fact
They’re thinking “A picnic that’s tidily packed”