On Splitting an Infinitive

On Splitting an Infinitive
by cricketjeff on March 28, 2018.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Infinitive splitting is not a great sin,
It really depends on the phrase that it’s in
And sometimes you need to in order to win –
The prize of a sentence that works.

You’ll hear strong objections from ignorant fools –
Who think that good writing is all about rules;
But grammar and syntax are really just tools
We use to write English that works.

So when you are writing consider the sense.
To do something different is proof you are dense,
Then split if you need to, don’t sit on the fence
And you’ll see your poetry works!

Author notes
“To really try” means trying hard
“Really to try” means you did actually try and sounds awkward
“To try really” sounds like you don’t believe it.